Cañamiel-Mexico City progress shots

Our design for the first Cañamiel Store in Mexico City keeps progressing as some of the fixtures are closing on completion and several works are beginning fine detail stage at the site. The cardboard tube ceiling will be installed next week but first we did a quick mock-up to coordinate air conditioning and lighting installation strategy in order to avoid problems when the final panels arrive next week. Her

e are some shots of some of the fixtures and furnishings into production.

Press test

Details begin to show up in Casa Sampaio

The construction process for Casa Sampaio has been a slow and long one. However, as the conclusion draws nearer, some details begin to arise and give hints of what will be the final character of the project. In the last weeks, carpentry work has begun to be installed. The contrast that the wood makes against the granite walls is evident. The curving wall for the gym space is up as well! Here are some pictures taken at site last week.

Welcome to Materia’s new BLOG space.

Welcome to Materia‘s new BLOG space. This will be a great forum to share and communicate information of our projects and to further expand our conversations on architecture and all of what surrounds it. Stay tunned!